Apr 072014

I was on my honeymoon with Bill. We had just spent a couple days along the north shore, avoiding the world with bonfires and booze, and we were headed back to the cities. Discussion turned to dreams we had, I told him that I had been mulling around the idea of a 50 hour comedy marathon. Bill had taken me to see some guy do a 50 hour song once, and I wondered how something like that could be applied to comedy.

One of the reasons I married Bill was how incredibly supportive he is of people. It not the kind that tells people they can do it even if they can’t. It’s the kind that’s realistic about what the needs would be, but still willing to pitch in and help in any way possible.

So I told Bill my idea. And he responded “50 hours would be incredible, and if anyone could pull it off it’s you. But It’s not a thing you can do alone, and I’m not sure where you’re going to find enough people to go along with it.”

Fast forward to 3 years later. I’m a member of a new comedy production company… less than a year old, and we’re looking into fundraisers. I had already told the artistic director a while back that I have always wanted to do a comedy marathon, and he had told me that a couple others had a similar idea. So we’re at this fundraising meeting, and some of my cast-mates start talking about doing a 12 hour comedy marathon, and I pipe up. We are Fearless Comedy Productions, and if we’re going to do a comedy marathon, we’ve got to do it big. I say we do a 50 hour comedy marathon.

No one laughed at me. Furthermore, no one rejected it. There were a couple moments pause, and then people started talking over the logistics of a 50 hour comedy marathon.

This is why I’m a part of Fearless. I have people willing to do stupid things with me in the name of comedy.


Last weekend, Fearless hosted a 50 hour comedy marathon. I still can’t believe we pulled it off.

Thank you so much to all the people that contributed to the 2014 Die Laughing 50 Hour Comedy Marathon. I was honored to work with so many talented performers over the weekend. We also had some absolutely incredible volunteers.. over 500 volunteer hours happened *JUST* during the marathon itself to make it happen. We had some amazing pieces in our silent auction, equipment loaned to us, and the hotel staff was absolutely stellar.

The event was successful from every possible angle. We made our operating budget for 2014/2015, with plenty to spare. We had audience at all times… sometimes just one person, and sometimes closer to 100. Everyone showed up for their shifts, and no one got hurt.

But my absolute favorite part was how much of a community feel there was to the event. We had so many different genres of comedy. Improvisers performed back-to-back with stand up comedians, storytellers had conversations with clowns, and puppeteers hung out with people doing panel shows. Everyone had a blast being a part of the marathon… many comedians would show up for their show, and then stick around after to see what was up next. People hung out chatting in the lobby, comparing writing styles or ways of moving for the best laugh. It was and incredible feeling of camaraderie.

Also, I got to meet Kevin Murphy of MST3K. So that was pretty fucking awesome, too.

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Mar 282014

I don’t like to use the word feminist. It’s a super-loaded concept word with many different connotations. But I’m going to use it to make a declaration that will haunt me out of context til the end of my days: I’m not a feminist because I want to give women power. I’m a feminist because [...]

Oct 102013

Over the weekend, we moved all my large furniture out of my old place of residence and into a new one. My teenager and I now live with two other adults in a rather large house. We have rooms for everything- a book room, a game room, a drinking room, a media room, a craft [...]

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Oct 012013
RenFest 2013

Alright. You want the sappy end of the run stuff? You got it. I know I will miss people. There are just so many of you, and so much awesome built into it that my tiny little brain can’t hold it all. When we started Fandazzi back in 2004, it was built on a simple [...]

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Sep 252013

Fill yourself up. Fill yourself with kindness and compassion, with understanding and respect. Fill yourself up with knowledge and humor, curiosity and wonder. Fill yourself up with beauty, and honesty, and love. Fill yourself with the things you look for in others, and you won’t need to look for others to find them. Fill yourself [...]

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Sep 182013
YoungNotions and Young and Fearless

There will come a day when I’m not a regular contributor to YoungNotions. I may guest once in a while, possibly once a week or so, but this website is really Bill’s baby. It’s very kind of him to allow me visitation rights. But we are still going to work together on comedy projects, including [...]

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Sep 132013

I grew up doing historical reenactment with my family. Not only was I involved with one of the more historical aspects of the Renaissance Festival (Irish Cottage),but we also did a lot of reenactment with the MN Scottish Clann Tartan. The Clann would travel to different festivals and Rendezvous, setting up canvas tents and demonstrating [...]

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