Recognized in a women’s restroom as a “local actress,” Jena hopes to break into regionals in 5 years. She’s performed with several theater companies over the years, including Six Elements, Navel Gaze, and Walking Shadow. Her list of Fringe involvement since 2008 includes such shows as “Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead,” “Highlander: the Musical,” “Fringe Orphans,” “Stop Talking: A Game of Talking,” and her own one-woman shows “Drinking Stories” and “Memoirs of a Welfare Queen.” She’s done fight choreography and/or directorship for Fell down the Stairs, Navel Gaze, and Rooftop Theater.

Her first role was as a street performer at the MN Renaissance Festival at age 12, a role she’s enjoyed for over 20 years now. In fact, in 2006, Jena’s name was added to the list of Unicorn recipients, often referred to as the MN Renaissance Festival’s Hall of Fame. She continues to perform there as a belly dancer and actor combatant.

Jena also enjoys dabbling in a variety of arts, including stage, sketch, film, improv, stand up, spoken word, storytelling, dance, fire manipulation, modelling, and visual arts in various media. She’s written, directed, produced, performed, and choreographed. Her work includes marketing and events coordination for various production groups, including Stand Up! Records, Mime Rifle, and Fearless Comedy Productions.

Performance and Production