Jun 042014

They say I’m blue, but I’m not sad
although my smile is pretty bad.
I send and catch things through the air
Without them ever being there.
I help friends say what they need to say
and make connections everyday.

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Jun 032014

Hand’s down, you should take a trip or two and see the world from a different view. No axle needed to twist and churn, and yet, four spokes complete a turn.

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Jun 012014

Old Willie Peter smokes his pipe, with Satan who is just his type. On a chariot pulled by 15 strong, the warrior moves his spark along. He wants a clean fight he’ll prove quite the match, taking many forms he’s hard to catch. In black and white, violet and red, of ash and bone he [...]

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Apr 072014

I was on my honeymoon with Bill. We had just spent a couple days along the north shore, avoiding the world with bonfires and booze, and we were headed back to the cities. Discussion turned to dreams we had, I told him that I had been mulling around the idea of a 50 hour comedy [...]

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Mar 282014

I don’t like to use the word feminist. It’s a super-loaded concept word with many different connotations. But I’m going to use it to make a declaration that will haunt me out of context til the end of my days: I’m not a feminist because I want to give women power. I’m a feminist because [...]

Oct 102013

Over the weekend, we moved all my large furniture out of my old place of residence and into a new one. My teenager and I now live with two other adults in a rather large house. We have rooms for everything- a book room, a game room, a drinking room, a media room, a craft [...]

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Oct 012013
RenFest 2013

Alright. You want the sappy end of the run stuff? You got it. I know I will miss people. There are just so many of you, and so much awesome built into it that my tiny little brain can’t hold it all. When we started Fandazzi back in 2004, it was built on a simple [...]

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Sep 252013

Fill yourself up. Fill yourself with kindness and compassion, with understanding and respect. Fill yourself up with knowledge and humor, curiosity and wonder. Fill yourself up with beauty, and honesty, and love. Fill yourself with the things you look for in others, and you won’t need to look for others to find them. Fill yourself [...]

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